Pick the accommodation that best suits your traveler type.

Chi Phat has limited electricity, so there is no aircon or hot water, but most guesthouses and homestays are traditional Cambodian houses, designed with good ventilation to keep you cool.

If your accommodation is not very close to the visitors center you will get a bike to get easily to your stay and back to the visitors center.



Homestays give a real flavor of Cambodia. Each family house accommodates one to four guests. You can choose a private bedroom, or sleep in the common area with the family. You will share the bathroom and other facilities, the bathroom is usually very simple, asian style where you need to "squat" and flush with a bucket of water... as its typical adventure in rural Asia. Few of the homestay owners speak good English - but their children may help or you will find a booklet with pictures to communicate with. If they need more communication they will call the English speaking staff at the visitors' center.

Homestays cost $5 for one room (two persons), even if you share the common sleeping area with the family. Many guests like to eat dinner with the family. You will join them to eat whatever they have for the evening. Dinner costs $3.00 per person, and is not included in the booking fee. You do not need to eat at the homestay, but should let the family know each day in the morning before they go to the market.​ ($1 discount with all accommodation booking through this website)



The guesthouses are just as welcoming as the homestays, but accommodate more guests and may offer a bit more comfort. Guesthouses do not provide meals. Some are close to the market, and some are on the quieter fringes of the village. The furthest ones are no more than 15 minutes walk from the visitor center.

Rooms with an en-suite bathroom are $8, and with a shared bathroom $6. ($1 discount with all accommodation booking through this website)



Bungalows offer more comfort with simple but modern style. Each bungalow has a room with twin or double beds, and an en-suite bathroom.

The price of Bungalows start from $16 up to $31 per room. $1 discount with all accommodation booking through this website)


Forest camps

If you go on a multi-day trek, you will sleep in one of our forest camps. Facilities are simple but you'll get the basics and you'll live a real forest experience sleeping in the middle of nature.

The cost is included in your trek.