Services at the village

Chi Phat is a traditional village and cannot provide everything one would expect from big cities. Some services are very limited so it's good to prepare and know ahead what you can find here and what not.

There is no postal service in Chi Phat, so you might want to write your postcards before coming here be aware you will need to wait until you get back to a bigger town to send them.

There is no bank or ATM in Chi Phat, so please bring enough cash with you.

You can buy both gasoline and diesel in Chi Phat, in 1-litre bottles or 30-litre plastic cans, and engine oil, but few other engine parts.

The visitor center can provide vegetarian and vegan meals. If you need chocolate, candy or other comfort items, you should probably bring them with you.

You will not need your passport, but may need to give your passport number when you registering your visit in the visitor center.

Hygienic and health products

There are some shops selling basic products like soap, shampoo, tissue paper and disposable razors, but if you need something a bit less basic, including sanitary pads, sunblock and insect repellent please bring those with you as the options here are very limited.

While staying at the village you will have mosquito net on your bed. You will also get a towel and other basics like bed linen, soap and toilet paper.

There is a pharmacy in the village but it is very limited. We encourage you all necessary things and to bring a basic first aid kit, specially if you are a heavy adventurer you know it is better to be prepared for small wounds or any other casualty. If you are of those playing always very safe, here is a link that can help you prepare a good kit.


Chi Phat is a traditional Cambodian village, so try to dress conservatively to avoid any possibility of offending our villagers. There are many places to swim in rivers and waterfalls and it is usual for women to wear shorts and tee shirt for swiming.

In the rainy season (June to October and sometimes beyond) you may need waterproofs. You can buy cheap waterproofs and umbrellas in the village but you might want to bring waterproof clothes if you have already. We provide a good waterproof cape when you go trekking.

Trainers are fine in the village and several shorter treks, but if you plan to go on overnight treks, good hiking shoes will help.

When trekking, long pants will protect your legs. You can buy these here, but the selection is pretty short and may not suit you, so it’s better to bring your own good long pants.

Chi Phat can be hot and very sunny during the day, a hat will be very useful, especially if you are kayaking. You can buy a variety of cheap hats here.

You won’t find trekking or any special cloths to buy in Chi Phat.

Travelling equipment

There is no electronic shop or similar so make sure you bring extra camera batteries if needed and chargers for your electronic devices. Bring your own adaptor as well.

We provide medium size rucksacks for trekking and mountain biking, which can carry all you need. You will also have a hammock with mosquito net and blanket if you spend a night in the forest. You do not need to bring a tent or sleeping bag.

We also provide all food while on the trail, and jungle cooks to prepare meals, so you will not need cooking equipment. The jungle cooks also boil water for drinking while on the trail, so a personal water filter or purifying tables are optional.

On boats, we provide life vests.

If you take a bird watching tour, we lend you binoculars (no charge), but you may prefer your own. Other tours do not provide binoculars.

Malaria and dengue fever

The mosquitoes that cause malaria live in the forest and bite at nighttime. If you spend a night in the forest, you will have a hammock with a mosquito net, but you should also use insect repellant.

For malaria medication, check with your doctor. They may advise that, if you are taking anti-malaria medication, continue, or that you can also start taking doxycycline the day before you depart to the jungle, but must continue for four weeks after. Doxycycline is not available in Chi Phat, but is widely available throughout Cambodia. The most reliable pharmacy is Pharmacie de la Gare, near the railway station in Phnom Penh.

Mosquitoes also cause dengue fever. These bite in the daytime. The advice for Chi Phat is the same as for elsewhere in Cambodia. There is no vaccine, but you can easily prevent it by wearing long shirts and pants, and using insect repellant.


Travelling with kids

You can borrow cots with mosquito nets and strollers at the visitor center. Our children's bikes are suitable for village tours and forest tours for children aged five years and up. We have life preservers (life vests) for children aged eight years or over. If you need life preservers for younger children, please let us know.

We have no games or toys for children - please bring things that you may need. If your children like particular foods, please bring these, as they may be hard to get in Chi Phat.

Baby care products are limited in Chi Phat - you should bring everything you need. The visitor center or you guesthouse will be able to provide hot water.


Here are the most important things for you to remember when you plan your trip to Chi Phat:

insect repellent with at least 30 DEET

malaria pills (check with your doctor)


long pants (also long sleeve shirts are good for preventing sunburn and insect bites)

chargers (camera, mobile phone)

adaptor (two-pin flat or round)

travellers health kit (band aids, wound disinfectant, painkillers, diarrhoea medicine, etc)

waterproof cloths (during rainy season)

trekking shoes (in case you go trekking in the forest)