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Welcome to Chi Phat community-based ecotourism center.

At Chi Phat, we will welcome you into our community.

Trek, cycle, kayak or boat in the Cardamon Mountains to discover the real, peaceful Cambodia, far from the crowds. Guides, once poachers, lead you on jungle treks to waterfalls, grasslands and mountains that they know well, but few others have seen.

Our vision for Chi Phat...

We, the people of Chi Phat, welcome visitors to our friendly community-based ecotourism project. Your visit provides many of us with worthwhile jobs. We can support our families sustainably. This improves our health, education and environment. Ecotourism  helps prevent unsustainable use of forest resources, protecting our heritage and culture.

Our guesthouses and homestays are named after these animals.
They all live in the Cardamom Mountains.
Your visit helps protect them.

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